No-Bake Eton Mess Cheesecake!


Mini Méringués!

  • 3 Médium Égg Whités
  • 150 g Castér Sugar
  • Réd Food Colouring

Biscuit Basé

  • 300 g Digéstivés
  • 150 g Unsaltéd Buttér (méltéd)

Chéésécaké Filling

  • 500-600 g Full-Fat Créam Chéésé
  • 100 g Icing Sugar
  • 300 ml Doublé Créam
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Éxtract
  • 100-200 g Strawbérriés (choppéd)


  • 150 ml Doublé Créam
  • 2 tbsp Icing Sugar
  • Frésh Strawbérriés
  • Fréézé Driéd Strawbérriés



For thé Méringués

  1. Préhéat thé ovén to 100C/90°C Fan and liné two Baking Trays with Parchmént Papér!
  2. Séparaté thé éggs into a spotléssly cléan bowl (stand mixér bowl) and discard thé yolks – or usé thém to maké sométhing élsé!! – but bé caréful not to gét anything élsé in thé égg whités such as a spot of yolk as this will ruin thé méringué!
  3. Whisk thé Égg Whités on théir own until soft péaks aré form – it’ll doublé/triplé in volumé and look foamy and whité, nothing liké thé normal égg whité! Continué whisking thé éggs on a Médium-High Spééd and add thé Castér Sugar a téaspoon at a timé making suré its whiskéd in béforé you add thé néxt spoonful. I réalisé this is timé consuming, but adding thé sugar any quickér will ruin it!
  4. Oncé thé sugar is all in thé mixturé with Méringué should bé ultra whité, glossy, and if you hold thé bowl upsidé down nothing will fall out! If you’ré bravé, hold it abové your héad whén you tést it ? Put thé 1cm round tip that you’ré using into a Disposablé Piping Bag with thé énd rémovéd. Brush a féw stripés of thé Sugarflair Christmas Réd Food Colouring into thé insidé of thé Disposablé Piping Bag that you’ré using – I did thréé linés to maké a pattérn!


Full récipés: No-Baké Éton Méss Chéésécaké!

5 Smart Reasons Why Small Business Must Have a Well-Designed Website

Small Business In the world of virtual reality, there is no room for complacency if you are not digitally proactive. Be it highlighting your persona or proving the standard of your business, your digital profile is what you are. A well-managed and updated website that gets boosted amongst the mass - is the key to trigger the attention of the spectators.

Small Business Representing business through a website is one of the best ways to grow viewers count. Also, it creates awareness in front of the potential customers. There was a time when owning a website was a big deal and only the big players were available online. Today, an official website is regarded as the identification for a brand. If you are not online, people automatically regards your business to be weak and back-dated.

Small Business More than anything, website designing has become important for small business units and startups. It is indeed the most inexpensive and feasible way to engage with customers and expand business opportunities in national and global level. Small business owners must take the advantage of the influencing power of websites to flourish in their domain. The following points listed below highlights on the importance of website design and development for small business.

Available 24*7:

For small business owners and all who are in the phase of developing their start-up firms, there is no time for leisure. It doesn't mean that you have to answer phone calls at midnight or even compel your employees to work overtime. One simple and effective solution is to have a professional and user-friendly website that is super convenient for both the brand owner and its customers. Small Business

Increased Customer Reach:

Small Business No matter you are a small business owner but definitely, you have the right to think big in terms of making your brand internationally famous. At the beginning, your pockets might not permit you to spend too much in business travels and this is what a website does it for you. A properly framed website can bring you business opportunities from all over the world.


As already mentioned that a website can reduce your business costs gets further highlighted with the benefits of online marketing over traditional forms of advertisement. Paying for ads to be broadcasted on radio and television or occupying a space on newspaper can be expensive. No matter they too have great power to reach the audience but in terms of cost, investing in a professional web design agency can be more effective in the long run and bear fruitful results.

Great way for Branding:

Building brand reputation is way easier with a well-designed website. Branding is a complex process and involves lots of creativity and professional approach. It is a symbol by which your customers will recognize you. A well-built website gives ample of opportunity for brand building. From color to logos and other visual and written content, small business design cannot find a better way for branding and built their first impression. Small Business

Gain Credibility:

For small business units, the roadblocks to succeed in the ever competitive web arena are by gaining trust and credibility. However, trust is something that will develop with time but credibility is important right from the start. With a creatively developed website, you make people aware that you deserve to get special attention. Small Business

However, there are many important aspects of small business website design. From a well-strategized web page to clear Call-to-action, websites designed for small businesses must have an interactive design that represents the brand's proficiency. Many small business owners avoid the fact to hire professionals to design their website. But for the initial boost, it is always advisable to take the resort of a reputable web designing agency that is recognized for providing small business web design services. If you want to kick-start your web journey, then availing such services can always bring you great deals. Small Business

Nhance Digital is the venue that empowers every single brand by making them digitally competitive. They have redefined the online presence of many leading companies with cutting-edge approaches. Moreover, this company has gained its recognition for providing excellent small business web design services. Register to kick-start your online venture, today! Small Business

Why Umbrellas Are The Perfect Tool For Promoting Small Businesses

Small business owners often find themselves struggling to keep their business because of the competition and fund to keep them. While millions of businesses around the world try to get over each other with advertisements or promotions, smart business owners have found the right tool to use. Some small business owners have discovered that the umbrella factory can change their fortunes overnight. Despite the fact that the internet has taken over the world, advertisements online can be expensive and last a period of time. Small Business Any promotional item or gift that bears your product or brand will always talk about your business even while you are asleep. Thanks to umbrellas that have become another affordable promotional material for small businesses around the world. The cost of advertising a brand can be out of reach to some businesses that are struggling with money. When you want to reach a larger audience without spending a lot of money, you can go for umbrellas. It is easier to use umbrella as a promotional product because they are very affordable compared to TV advertising than is expensive. Umbrellas have become the perfect option for marketing your business for years at low cost. Small Business These are some of the reasons why small businesses make use of umbrellas as a promotional tool: The Golf Umbrella Small Business When you want to add message, logo or a brand to your promotional material without missing out on anything, you can go for the golf umbrella. The spacious area on the canopy will give your designer that opportunity to create the right message for your business. The massive area of the umbrella makes it visible for a lot of people to see when it is placed outside. The Mini Umbrella Small business owners can take advantage of the mini umbrellas as their promotional materials. The size makes it easier to move around without stress and also ensures that the user is able to display the message wherever they go. Even the protective case of the umbrella can still serve as an advertising platform to add logo or business name. Small Business The Beach Umbrella When your business is boldly displayed on a beach umbrella, you are assured that your business will be known by many people. The beach is one of the few places on earth where business is mixed with entertainment and tourism. You can boast your business for people from all walks of life to see when you use a beach umbrella. Small Business The Antiwind Umbrella There is one way to maintain a lead when it comes to projecting your small business to the world, making use of the antiwind umbrellas. These umbrellas are very strong and have become a choice promotional material to people. Small Business With the number of businesses surrounding you, an umbrella factory can help you promote your business with the use of umbrellas. It is easier to spend less and get the results you desire in your business when you use an umbrella for your promotions.

The Challenge of Incorporating RPA Into A Small Business

Expert Author Robert K Janis As a CEO or COO of a small business, you are probably aware of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). You've probably read about it in a business magazine, so you are aware that big businesses are utilizing it in their every day operations.Small Business The technology probably intrigues you, but you figure that it is something that is too complicated to incorporate into your business. The time to get employees up to snuff with the new technology may appear to be too great and you aren't sure exactly what segments of your business can benefit from its use. In addition, perhaps you think the cost is too prohibitive. You are aware of manual processes and figure that would sufficiently do the job. You've probably been using this technology in your business already and probably figure that it will always work.Small Business But in the coming years your business will experience growing pains. Hopefully, you will become larger as the years go by and have to deal with more and more customers and hire more and more employees to achieve your business goals. The larger your staff becomes the greater chance that there will be miscommunications between employees and departments. More reports will have to be generated to keep more and more people in the loop. As your business grows, there will be new opportunities that will require the use of new technology. The result will be a mixture of different applications and systems that lead to chaos that only one IT employee or an IT department can manage. Hours are squandered, there is an increase of human error and ultimately there is a bottleneck to your growth.Small Business However, if you start to utilize RPA or Business Process Automation (BPA) now, then your business will streamline. With RPA all of your business operations can be managed and monitored from a single source. Human error is eliminated as your staff grows and your goals expand. Moreover, as the days toward your business' future come and go, employees you already have who have knowledge of the technology can assure that the evolution of your business is smooth, not disjointed. What is RPA?Small Business So what is Robotic Process Automation? It is the use of robots and/or software to automate your business operation. It helps manage such segments of your business as transactions, data manipulation and mining, direct response customer service, and utilizing and communicating with other digital systems. The technology can assist your business in so many ways. For example, it can write a response to an email, manage up to thousands of bots that are programmed to achieve specific tasks, and automate tasks. This includes tasks that may be considered mundane for humans to do and also perform tasks that may be too complicated for humans to perform, but permits a cooperation of human and software to reach business goals. Today the RPA market is small. However, it is growing in leaps and bounds. For example, spending on RPA software will reach $1 billion by 2020. That means it has and will grow at a compound annual rate of 41 percent from 2015 through 2020. It is predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of large businesses will have accepted an RPA software tool. For many companies, it could be a bridge to artificial intelligence.Small Business When integrating RPA into your business operations, you need to consider this: Set and manage expectations. Having success with RPA immediately is possible, but it is also important that it run at scale. Some advise that you start into it with reasonable expectations based on your companies current operations. Consider business impact before return on investment or reduced costs. Early one it can be used to improve customers' experiences. Be prepared to get your IT department involved early. Make sure that the implementation of the technology is properly designed and can be properly managed for your business' needs. For example, make certain that the technology communicates properly with your various systems. Don't get ahead of yourself. As your RPA system automates data entry and monitor software operations, an awful lot of data is generated. This can entice an IT department to try and leverage the data evolving an RPA project into an ML project. Planning control should not be neglected. For example, as the IT manager changes password policy makes certain that the system adjusts.Small Business Make certain that all appropriate departments of your business is involved in the creation of the RPA system as well as changes. Make sure that the personnel or human resources department is involved because RPA because its implementation will cause initial upheaval for employees in their daily routine. Benefits of RPA There are a number of benefits to integrating RPA into your business operation. It's good for growth It conserves IT resources Provides an opportunity for humans to concentrate on other aspects of the business. One of the many companies that are now promoting the use of RPA and AI is WorkFusion. In 2011 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) combined human and machine intelligence.Small Business As early as the following year, WorkFusion offered its first platform for micro tasking work through AI and humans-in-the loop. In successive years it released cognitive automation using machine learning, developed the first full-stack RPA, cognitive and workforce management platform as well as chatbots and continues to introduce industry firsts. Who better to trust for your AI and RPA education than a company that has been involved in these technologies from the start? Keep up with what is in store in the brave new world of AI and RPA with the help of WorkFusion. Read how we define Robotic Process Automation and how winning companies use it to automate time-consuming human hand-offs between systems. The less you know about AI, the more you need to check out WorkFusion.Small Business

What Small Business Owners Can Learn From the Genius Marketing of the Olympics

Expert Author Wolfgang Franke The next time a small business owner asks you for an advertising tip that is guaranteed to work, tell them to follow the strategy used to promote Olympic games. That's right. Olympic games.Small Business There is a very specific blueprint, introduced by the U.S. TV networks more than a quarter century ago, that is followed in every round of the Olympics. Winter Games, Summer Games. It doesn't matter. The same "Magic Beans" are used again and again. So what is the secret? Do they focus on the glamor sports? No. Do they promote the big match ups? No. Do they hype the spectacle of the Olympics. No. They do something far more important: establish an emotional connection between the audience and the athletes by broadcasting, in advance of the games, touching profiles of the athletes, highlighting their struggles, fears, dreams. When the Games arrive, the unknown athletes are living, breathing people the audience cares about -- which was the goal all along. Make viewers watch by making them care about the athletes.Small Business Note there is no hard sell, which is typically what you see in small business advertising. Instead, the goal is to establish an emotional connection. This is not easy or simple. It does not happen overnight. And it only works if you dare to be... human. Stop being a stiff, corporate business "bot" -- and start being yourself. People tell me that my website is "just like me". I take that as a great compliment because it means I was able to connect with a complete stranger. It also means that my web pages are unlike any other. I own them. They are me.Small Business It makes a difference that goes straight to my bottom line. For example, we captured the interest of a significant advertiser because the business owner liked that our "Meet the staff web page" included a photo of our dog and some text that noted he was our "Directory of Security." He thought that was creative and fun -- which was exactly what he wanted for his campaign. Most important, he had connected with us as people. We were no longer just one more advertising agency. You will always do better if you remember this simple rule of marketing, which is at the heart of the Olympics marketing strategy: people connect with people, they don't connect with things -- not even a thing as big as the Olympics.Small Business

Small Businesses That Generate the Biggest Profits

Expert Author Kim L. Clark What was the most recent net profit margin of your business? Were revenue and profit projections achieved? Is your venture comfortably able to manage its accounts payable? Were you, the owner, able to provide comprehensive medical and dental insurance to yourself and any employees? Were you able to substantively fund your retirement account last year? Were you able to afford a vacation?Small Business If the answer to two or more of those questions is no, I respectfully suggest that you evaluate the future viability of your enterprise. More than a business model tweak or a pivot, you may need to explore another kind of business altogether, one with greater profit-making potential.Small Business Take heed---Sageworks, a financial data services company located in Raleigh, NC, analyzed the net profit margins of 16,000 small businesses that earned less than $5 million between October 1, 2016 and October 31, 2017. The average net profit across all industries in that time period was 8.4 %. Note that the list of top performers consists almost entirely of Solopreneur-friendly service industries. Despite the challenges of selling services, especially intangible services, to either B2B or B2C clients, Sagework's list demonstrates that it is possible to make money as a self-employed service provider. Some industries are more Soloprenuer-friendly than others. Accountants and bookkeepers, real estate sellers, attorneys, landlords and certain healthcare practitioners are all able to operate a one-person shop quite well, perhaps with a single employee to provide administrative help.Small Business Educational requirements and professional credentials pose a formidable barrier to entry for several of these high-yield business opportunities, most notably dentistry, chiropractic, law and accounting (CPA or certified financial analyst). In contrast, real estate sales requires only a license to do business, the right relationships and no real selling skills if you are in a hot market. If someone with a broker's license brings you into the business, you can work under the umbrella of that person's credentials. I look askance at the stated prospects for attorneys, however. There have been many mergers between big law firms and as a result, many lay-offs. From a former employee of a very prestigious law firm who was let go six or seven years ago and eventually started her own boutique firm, those who venture out on their own can encounter stiff competition in certain legal specialties. Welcome to the new normal. Below are the small businesses that on average have the healthiest profit margins. Business Net profit marginSmall Business Accounting / Bookkeeping 18.4%a Landlords 17.9 % Legal services 17.4 % Management of companies 16.0 % Real estate sales 14.9 % Dentist's office 14.8 % Health practitioners (chiropractors, etc) 13.0 % Medical & diagnostic laboratories 12.1 % Automotive equipment rental or leasing 12.0 % Graphic and industrial design 11.4% Warehousing & storage 11.0 % Management, scientific, or technical consulting 10.3 %

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